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Tool & Data Subscriptions

Gain access to our portal to personally study Argus Insights social and/or review data. With frequent updates, you don’t have to wait for quarterly reports or lengthy surveys to see how consumers are responding to products. Products are tracked to the sku level then grouped by category and brand, so you can manipulate the data to see how consumers are responding to products across competitive lines. Below is a survey of just a few tools available in our portal.

 Track consumer reaction to products, brands, or retailers over time with Buzz Delight Landscapes

Review_Delight_chart (5)


Determine relative mindshare and analyze consumer interest with Review Buzz River Charts 

Review_Volume (14)

Help unpack what is driving the user experience by extracting the topics that are top of minds with Attribute Funnels 

Attributes (19)

Compare consumer experience over time to create a full landscape of winners and losers with Threat Quadrants

Product_Score_undefined (1)


Argus Insights has data for several different product sectors, including but not limited to: Smartphones, Wearables, Home Automation, Tablets, Laptops, Appliances, Audio, Internet of Things. Please contact us to gain access to our tools and data.

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