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Social media as a predictive force

What do the studies show?


Indiana University – Social Media Activity Leads the Dow

Tweet frequency and energy levels over a 2 to 6 day period were found to predict movements of the Dow Jones over the next week with almost 90% accuracy.

Umea University -- Social Buzz a Significant Factor in Calling Apple's Daily Close Price

Umea Researchers found a relationship between the amount of positive tweets and Apple's stock price.

For the tech guys in the room, here's one of the key lines of the study, right from the horse's mouth:

"[There is] a positive correlation (r = 0.47 and τ = 0.32) between the rate of change of the daily closing price and the median differential of the proportion of tweets mentioning AAPL that are deemed positive.

Pace University -- Social Media Popularity Linked with Stock Prices

Researchers at Pace University found a correlation between daily popularity of brand mentions and stock price on a daily or weekly interval.

Market Leading Research-we will send you our full case study showing how we predicted the downturn of major supply companies following the Apple 5C iPhone launch.
Use the market-predicting power of Customer Buzz Analytics to factor Buyer Conversations into your mobile analysis & research

There's a problem with your current research source.

Every analyst is taking information from the same place.

Which results in a kind of hive minded groupthink that traps most analysts into conforming to The Street's predictions.

Shouldn't be a surprise. Feed from the same trough, and you'll look and act like all the other cows.

How to break from the herd (and incrementally add to the quality and accuracy of your calls)

Pouring over financial statements from every possible angle is an essential part of what you do as an analyst.

You already know book valuation like the back of your hand. No help needed there.
But this slant towards the financials tends to also keep analysts' ears off the ground level, where the customers are having conversations.

….and using their collective strength to decide the success or failure of UPCOMING company events.

New product launches, promotional events, sales and so on.

Discussed and critically evaluated by the true decision-makers--BUYERS. Before they actually happen.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Amazingly, none of the major news and research outlets are keeping tabs on this information, and incorporating it into their research or analyses!

If that's not strange enough, here's the greatest irony: This isn't exactly some secret classified information that requires NSA level clearance to get your hands on.

Nope. It's out there, just sitting in the public domain.  Waiting for an intelligent analyst to pour over the data and pull out the valuable gold nuggets that lie within.

Where is this treasure trove of information, you ask? 

The chatty, interactive world of Social Media.

Social media BUZZ often acts as a LEADING indicator

The premise is simple. As we already alluded to, customers talk before they buy.
And they talk A LOT on social media-- a place where smart and sophisticated new research techniques are being applied to listen to them en masse.

This isn't true just for the business world either.

A recent article from the researchers at MIT working together with the US government, detailed new plans on the use of "social media analytics" software to predict disease outbreaks and other high-level, governmental concerns.

They did this after digging into the data, and realizing the blindingly obvious connection between certain types of tweets, and the spread of various diseases being tracked by the research team.

So how does that translate to business?

The sidebar on the right goes into details. Several studies have already shown relationships varying from decent to strong buzz towards a new company or one of its products, and the resulting close price over the tracked interval.

In short: To an extent, Buzz dictates stock prices.

What a surprise--that following customer attitudes opens up a window into the future of company performance.

Here's a brief overview of how we can enhance your decision-making capabilities in the Mobile Industry:

  • We can analyze various regions in the US to see where buzz is getting started – or dying off, signaling the beginnings and ends of local and national trends.

  • Some of our sophisticated frequency matching algorithms pierce into the social media world and dissect conversations, assigning perception values to new features and products.

  • Our in-house analysts eat, breathe, and sleep the mobile industry, decoding the data into usable, decision oriented analysis reports that we then send to you on a weekly basis.

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