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    Tailored Metrics

    We examine the entire landscape of consumer

    feedback. By analyzing both consumer reviews

    and social data, we helped Samsung identify

    Sharp as their competition for big

    screen TVs over Sony in 2009

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    Brand Monitoring

    By tracking consumer reactions to ads

    & products we can tell you what people like

    & how to change in order to improve

    relationships & business. We helped Acer

    change their marketing strategy to relate better

    to potential customers

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    Agile Analysis

    We researched the consumer market to

    help IDEO streamline a project that would

    traditionally take 3 months into 3 days

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  • PredictionBoard

    Market Forecasts

    Our unique delight metric is

    proven to predict consumer

    adoption. We have beaten Wall Street

    10 out of the last 12 quarters in

    predicting Apple’s sales

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