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Argus Analyzer SaaS Analytics Platform For Product Managers

  • Designed specifically for Smart Home Product Managers
  • Provides unbiased metrics and insights about consumer acceptance
  • Personal toolkit for PM’s needing immediate and consistent access to market intelligence
  • Evidence to hold of stakeholders accountable for contributions to market adoption
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Argus Alerts


Includes Basic Analyzer
Month to Month

Configured alerts
Real-time Updates

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Message Fit Insights


USD/month per user
Three Month Minimum

Market Chatter
Competitive Actions

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Product Fit Insights


USD/month per user
Three Month Minimum

Consumer Inputs
Product Adoption

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Market Fit Insights


USD/month per user
Annual Contract

Deep Insights
Product Improvements

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Insight from Dr. John


One Time
Personalized Access

Expert Analysis
Strategic Actions

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Which Package Is Right For Your Needs?

Focused on tuning your message?  Concerned about competitive product launches?  Hungry to find new white spaces to build out your roadmap?  We have packages to fit your needs.
PackageSuper PowerEnablesTime FramePrimary Data SourcesContract TermUsesUsers Per Account
Argus Alerts
Stay on top of market chatterBreaking buzz delivered directly into your inbox on the overall market, your company and your competitors.Last 4 hoursTwitterMonthlyBe the most informed PM in the office!One
Message Fit Insights
Right Message for MarketTrack Mindshare within your Market of your brand and your competitionLast 30 daysTwitter, Instagram, Consumer Reviews, App ReviewsMonthlyUnderstand what is driving market chatter. Assess performance of outbound marketing efforts relative to competition.One
Product Fit Insights
Right Products For ConsumersMonitor Consumer Acceptance of products and services. See who is winning and losing market share.Last 90 daysSame As AboveQuarterlyTrack New Product Introduction, see the impact of competitive launches.One
Market Fit Insights
Right Roadmap for SuccessDeep dive into success and failure of user experiences. Find whitespace opportunities. All Data AvailableSame As AboveAnnualDetailed competitive analysis. Adjust roadmap to address competitive weakness and emerging needs.One
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