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Just One Spark Of Argus Insights Will Ignite Demand

Consumer Wearables Market Demand Slowed Substantially From 2014 to Present After Hitting Its Peak in January
Argus Insights measures what matters most to help companies thrive
  • Help clients understand what delights consumers to drive the creation of better products & relationships
  • Help clients understand where they are situated against competition to obtain optimal exposure & success

How Can We Help You?

The Power of Now
  • We collect consumer data from around the world, from sources you know and many you don’t
  • Use our proprietary tools and methods to identify what products and services are driving market growth in real time
  • Our proprietary metrics are a proven predictor of market momentum and purchase intent


Major handset manufacturer leveraged Argus Insights metrics to predict handset demand 8 weeks into the future
Major handset manufacturer leveraged Argus Insights metrics to predict handset demand 8 weeks into the future

3Plunging consumer delight foreshadowed the demise of the Amazon Fire Phone 

Predictive Analytics
  • Our proprietary demand metrics are proven predictors of consumer adoption
  • Argus Insights knew the Amazon Fire Phone was a flop within 3 days of launch
  • Consistently beat Wall Street on iPhone unit sales


Better Insights, Better Products
  • Analyze the consumer experience to inform companies which features are required to delight their end users
  • Determine what consumers care about to create products users will embrace
  • Identify consumer complaints to improve technology according to usage
  • Measure experience with timeless expanse of data

2Our data supports the selfie craze of 2014: smartphone users were more concerned with cameras than talking on the phone

Review_Volume (93)Chinese smartphone consumers shifted nearly all their attention to Apple with the release of the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus


Real Users Inform Undeniable Insights
  • Track consumer perception of brands and products to monitor and improve relationships
  • Optimize your entire supply chain with product, brand, and retailer data
  • Help companies improve user experience by monitoring consumer perception of brands and products
  • Improve sales by focusing marketing strategy on real world use cases
Only What You Need, When You Need It
  • Continually keep the pulse of real customers by collecting global data to inform companies of where they stand
  • Collect and curate everything to extract only what is important to drive change
  • Save clients time and money by determining what products will be in demand
  • Identify legitimate social exposure and outreach in spam ridden B2B conversations


4Pebble gained consumer buzz and delight in early 2015 to become a Wearables Market leader

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