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Tired of the worn out rear view mirrors provided by traditional market research?


You need

the Right Data,

the Right Metrics,

the Right Actions,

to Drive Growth.

Argus Insights helps companies build things people actually want, and reach customers through messages they really care about.
Product market fit copy
Our Fit Kits answer basic, but urgent questions for product development and marketing executives.
Our Custom Fit Kits answer more complex questions and seek to get at the ”why” behind the evidence.
Fit Kit

Did your product win or lose mindshare this month?

How do your customers think your brand is doing?

What features and experiences are your customers talking about this month?

What retail channels are actually driving engagement?

Are your competitors eating your lunch? Are they about to?

What’s going to happen next month?

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Custom Fit Kit

Why is my brand losing mindshare?

I just spent a million bucks on a new campaign. Did it work?

Product has already shipped, so what can I do now to pivot my product offerings and address changing customer demands?

Why is my brand and product doing better at some retail channels than others? How can I fix it?

How can I drive brand adoption by delivering products and services that are better than my competitors next product cycle?

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Markets and Trade Events we cover now:
Smart Home
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
Telco Infrastructure
Embedded and Machine Vision
Mobile World Congress
Consumer Electronics Show
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