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The Internet of Things is Coming, Are You Ready? Are Your Customers?
The Internet of Things is Coming, Are You Ready? Are Your Customers?

IoT is the darling of Wall Street, Venture Capitalists, Tech Companies, and Start-ups around the world.  None of these groups have the power to make IoT the trillion dollar market being touted by pundits.  Only consumers, investing their hard earned resources, can drive the adoption of products and services enabled by IoT to the level of revolution not seen since the explosion of the Internet in the 1990’s.   Question, what is driving or inhibiting consumer adoption?  Would you trust research based on soliciting opinions from the same companies that said the iPhone “will not substantially alter the fundamental structure or challenges of the mobile industry?”  At Argus Insights, we know because we listen.  We listen carefully to consumers around the world about what experiences they are buying into with heart, mind, and wallet.  We have used what we learned to embarrass Wall Street routinely, and aided our clients to move where the consumers are taking the market, not where traditional analysts hope it goes.  We are the leading firm for understanding the Internet of Humans™ and how consumers will shape the Internet of Things.


Twain was correct, history does not repeat itself.  Traditional market research methods rely on perceptions that past success is a guarantee of future success, that history does repeat itself for the existing corporate darlings.  Many powerful companies that have fallen to ruin believe the stories of analysts that run contrary to Twain’s reasoning.  Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and Palm Inc. followed others into the history books of market leaders that trusted research that said history would continue to repeat itself.

At Argus Insights, we look for where history rhymes, cataloging patterns of success and failure writ large across the actions of consumers. These patterns of product poetry allow us to determine success or failure of products and services within days of launch.  We watch markets fall in and out of love in a way the lets us pick the winners and losers faster than the optimistic historians, which means our clients can take action faster, grow larger, and succeed longer than their competition.

Argus Insights Has Consistently Predicted Consumer Adoption By Simply Listening To The Right Conversations

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Argus Insights has consistently and correctly assessed major product launches and overall brand performance ahead of corporate earnings calls, almost every quarter, for the last three years. Built on the research done by founder Dr. John Feland at Stanford University, where Dr. Feland proved that a set of consumer metrics based on ratings and review data was a leading indicator of consumer demand and corporate revenue. These consumer based metrics, gathered passively in contrast to traditional surveys or focus groups, allow Argus Insights to get ahead of other tools and methods focused on lagging indicators like quarterly sales or inventory backlog. Your business needs to know what is likely to happen in the future, not hear a rehash of past events. Argus Insights can help you see where consumers are taking your market, and help you plot a path around competitive threats that will win more customers.


At Argus Insights, we don’t just measure what you CAN, we measure what you SHOULD.  We have helped our clients discover what part of their products, services, and marketing is working so they keep delighting customers with their strengths. We identify what is not working to enable our clients to transform disappointment into profit.  At the same time, we reveal where the competition is weak, and can be exploited to the benefit of consumers and our clients, improving the roadmap of products, guiding new messaging and positioning, ensuring that the gap between advertising and reality is as narrow as possible.  John Wanamaker would have loved Argus Insights because we could have answered his burning question.  What burning questions do you have?  Contact us today and we can help answer them together.

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